Cincinnati Welcomes the World Choir Games*

Cincinnati has officially welcomed the Seventh World Choir Games. Although the Opening Ceremonies were held last night (to the tune of more than 11,500 spectators), the competitive action starts today! Choirs from 22 states and even more countries will compete in more than 23 categories over the next ten days. We are excited to be located in the midst of all of the action, which affords us the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. Check back often, as we continue to blog about this once-in-a-lifetime event!

* Cincinnati is the first American location of the games, which are held every two years. How cool is that?


Happy 100th Anniversary Crosley Field!

After waiting  six dark and cold-ish months, you’ll have to excuse us if we keep returning to the subject of baseball. It’s kind of a big deal here in the Queen City, where the Reds have been entertaining us for nearly 150 years. Experiencing everything from heartbreak to elation, we’ve stuck together through it all; in the process we’ve formed the longest-standing relationship in the game.

Last Pitch at Crosley Field

Last Pitch at Crosley Field

For 58 years-from April 11, 1912 until June 24, 1970-we kept the flame alive at the legendary Crosley Field. Generations of Cincinnatians still hold warm memories of days spent sitting in the stands eating hot dogs and downing cold sodas, while their favorite players took to the diamond. Those stands. That diamond.Gone but not forgotten. Reduced to memory but ever-present.

Happy 100th Anniversary Crosley Field!

[Charley Harper News]-Modernism and A-Line Magazines

Charley Harper is definitely happening in 2012! The write-ups and accolades are spilling forth almost faster than we can document them for you! Here are the latest verbal and visual tributes to the timeless master. Enjoy!

  • A-Line Magazine: LOVE BUGS by Zachary Petit

The Charley Harper for Kids Collection

Although the eight prints (7 never previously released images plus the classic ‘Honey Bunny’) are aimed at young fans, you don’t have to be part of the under-10 set to enjoy the new Charley Harper for Kids Collection. Just ask the many adults sitting at home admiring their new purchases, including the phenomenally-popular-with-all-ages ‘Moon Jellies’ (which glows in the dark!). However, if you do have a budding Harper enthusiast in your midst, the kids collection is a wonderful way to help them start a treasury of their very own.

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