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The opening night for any event or show is one filled with breathless anticipation, joyful moments, and finally a feeling of accomplishment after the guests have left and there is nothing but the remains of the excitement that once was.

Capturing the emotional charge of nights like those is a tough task for anyone, but Ohio artist Andrew Van Sickle has crafted a way to bring together the initial celebration of Cincinnati landmarks such as the Roebling bridge and Music hall with a unique pop art sensibility and color palette.

"Roebling Bride" By: Andrew Van Sickle

“Roebling Bridge 1866”
By: Andrew Van Sickle

Known for his eclectic sensibility his work not only hangs in Fabulous Frames & Art but is also featured in the private collections of Hollywood socialites such as Tara Reid and Paris Hilton. His print of Music Hall’s opening night includes over 300 individual colors.

"Music Hall Opening Night" By Andrew Van Sickle

“The Opening NIght of  Music Hall 1878”
By Andrew Van Sickle

His iconic-based work is heavily influenced by an early love of cartoons, Roy Lichtenstein, and a stint running an art studio alongside Andy Warhol’s older brother Paul Warhola.

"Fountain Square 1866" By Andrew Van Sickle

“Fountain Square 1866”
By Andrew Van Sickle

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Images of Cincinnati by JoAnne Honschopp

Music Hall Panorama by JoAnne Honschopp

Music Hall Panorama by JoAnne Honschopp

Cincinnatians, stop by the Fabulous Frames & Art downtown gallery at 17 West 4th St. to see a display of originals paintings by acclaimed Cincinnati-area artist JoAnne Honschopp. From Over-the-Rhine’s Music Hall to the Roebling Bridge, from riverboats to the Genius of Water (the Tyler Davidson Fountain), JoAnne captures her subjects in bold brushstrokes and vivid colors. Her work is the perfect antidote to our dreary winter weather!
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Music Hall Print by Joanne Honschopp

Joanne Honschopp on the cover of Music Hall Marks magazine

At Fabulous Frames & Art, we are always so happy to have a chance to brag about the many talented artists we represent. This morning, we are pleased as punch to announce that well-known Cincinnati painter Joanne Honschopp contributed the cover artwork for MUSIC HALL Marks, the annual publication of the Society for the Preservation of Music Hall.

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