You’re Invited to our 24th Annual Harper Celebration!

Please join us at the Fabulous Frames & Art Montgomery gallery for our 24th annual Charley Harper celebration, on Saturday, December 7th from 11am-5pm.

An added bonus to the unique atmosphere of this holiday show is a free print of Harper’s creation “Little Sipper”. This print comes free with any purchase of a Harper print.

"Little Sipper" Charley Harper

“Little Sipper”
Charley Harper

The hovering ruby-throated hummingbird nips nectar from a morning glory, enjoying a breakfast beverage, a motionless in-flight meal, the power of the flower. These hummers beat their wings as fast as 53 times per second to hold their bills still for sipping.

Also on display will be a vast assortment of Charley’s serigraphs, lithographs, giclee prints, and posters, as well as some originals. Charley & Edie’s son Brett will be the host, and we will have light refreshments on hand.

We hope to see you at our celebration!

Our Fabulous Frames Founding Family

Our Fabulous Frames Founding Family

Our Montgomery store address:

10817 Montgomery Rd

Cincinnati, OH 45249

Our May Downtown Doggie Day is Almost Here

Our May Downtown Doggie Day takes place on Saturday the 4th, between the hours of 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

Fabulous Frames and Art is thrilled to partner with local artist Marc Wavra for a series of in-store pet portrait events at our downtown Cincinnati location. His exceptional skill as an art photographer, combined with his love of all animals, makes him the ideal person to bring out your pet’s unique personality.

His custom 15″x15″ stretched canvases are a brilliant alternative to the standard animal portraits offered at pet stores. A session lasts approximately 5-10 minutes, and results in a treasured image that is both a keepsake and a work of art. Please join us for this special occasion. We will be serving light refreshments (treats and water) for your furry friends. If you require a sitting at a specific time, reservations are recommended. Walk-ins are welcome on a first come first served basis. Don’t live in the Cincinnati area? Never fear! Marc can also work off of your high quality photograph.

For more information, or to schedule a sitting, please contact us at: 513.579.9998 or

Be sure to check out the gallery for a few adorable examples of his work. Enjoy!

Fabulous Frames and Art

17 West Fourth Street

Cincinnati, Ohio 45225

All Children Are Artists*-Unconventional Framing Ideas for Your Little Picasso

When you think about framing kids’ art, what comes to mind? If you picture blinding primary colors, you are not alone! Children seem to come equipped with a love for bright things, which gives them a naturally vibrant and joyful aesthetic. It’s no wonder that the most popular approach to framing art for the pre-teen set is to use crazily colorful mats and frames. Although there is nothing wrong with that, there are as many ways to frame the art projects of little ones as there are, well, little ones who create art.

We’ve put together this little tutorial for you, featuring some out-of-the-box framing ideas for kids’ artwork. The inspiring pieces are the handiwork of three very talented young siblings, who are encouraged by their mom to create their own framing designs. What a fantastic idea-allowing your kids to participate in the process makes them more invested in art appreciation. Continue reading

The Charley Harper for Kids Collection

Although the eight prints (7 never previously released images plus the classic ‘Honey Bunny’) are aimed at young fans, you don’t have to be part of the under-10 set to enjoy the new Charley Harper for Kids Collection. Just ask the many adults sitting at home admiring their new purchases, including the phenomenally-popular-with-all-ages ‘Moon Jellies’ (which glows in the dark!). However, if you do have a budding Harper enthusiast in your midst, the kids collection is a wonderful way to help them start a treasury of their very own.

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