You’re Invited to our 24th Annual Harper Celebration!

Please join us at the Fabulous Frames & Art Montgomery gallery for our 24th annual Charley Harper celebration, on Saturday, December 7th from 11am-5pm.

An added bonus to the unique atmosphere of this holiday show is a free print of Harper’s creation “Little Sipper”. This print comes free with any purchase of a Harper print.

"Little Sipper" Charley Harper

“Little Sipper”
Charley Harper

The hovering ruby-throated hummingbird nips nectar from a morning glory, enjoying a breakfast beverage, a motionless in-flight meal, the power of the flower. These hummers beat their wings as fast as 53 times per second to hold their bills still for sipping.

Also on display will be a vast assortment of Charley’s serigraphs, lithographs, giclee prints, and posters, as well as some originals. Charley & Edie’s son Brett will be the host, and we will have light refreshments on hand.

We hope to see you at our celebration!

Our Fabulous Frames Founding Family

Our Fabulous Frames Founding Family

Our Montgomery store address:

10817 Montgomery Rd

Cincinnati, OH 45249

A Feline Phenom

Most cat owners would agree that their four-legged friends are truly the masters of their domain. Even prolific artists like Charley & Edie Harper fell under the enchanting spell of these domestic beasts.  The Harpers had two cats of their own, Snowy & Gussy, who found their way into Edie’s work.

The Harper's Cat Gussy

The Harper’s Cat Gussy
Photo Cred – A-Line Magazine – RVP Photography

Her series  “cat in a basket “ features baskets being filled not only with cats but also anything from gourds to holly to lilacs. This simple geometric print uses triangles to capture the essence of a curious cat surveying the outside world from inside their safe perch.  Our Master Mat Designer Paul used his own artistic skills to continue these simple lines to add a special look to this beveled mat.

"Cat in a basket with Lilacs" Edie Harper

“Cat in a basket with Lilacs”
Edie Harper

Cats are funny creatures and never seem content in one place for too long and Edie’s cats are the exact same way. They have shown up on prints, coffee mugs, coloring books, and recently on adornments. These small shining cutouts capture light and would brighten up any Christmas tree during the holiday season.


To see more of Edie’s feline friends stop by any Fabulous Frames & Art store!

Harper Ever After

Some people look back fondly at old love letters, or in some cases emails, to reminisce about time gone by. Now just imagine that sketches, lithographs, oil paintings, charcoal drawings, and everything in between captured your romance. That is the reality for the dynamic duo of Charley and Edie Harper.

EM+CHThe relics of their partnerships are on display for the ‘Harper Ever After’ exhibit at The Cincinnati Art Academy.  These artifacts include humorous early drawings by both Edie and Charley from their days at the school.

The subject matter gets much darker with the sketches from the recently graduated Charley after he was sent off to the battlefields of WWII.  These rarely seen sketches and letters follow him through Europe and back home including his view of a bombed out church and valentines sent to Edie who was waiting stateside.

CharleyedieThe rest of the exhibition follows a much brighter trajectory as they traveled across America and explored the unique habitats and rituals of numerous animals and ecosystems. Even capturing their own growing family with a portrait of their son Brett.

Looking back on the expansive body of work the Harpers created over their lifetime is truly inspiring. The ‘Harper Forever’ exhibit will run until November 1st 2013 and The Art Academy of Cincinnati galleries are open M-F 9am-9pm.

Edie Harper: Her Biblical Works and a Little Love Story

Charley Harper and Edie McKee met cute. The year was 1940, and they were fresh-faced youngsters enjoying their first day at art school. Fast forward seven years, to a world newly released from war: with their respective patriotic service behind them, and their education finally finished, they married. They were never apart again.

The Harpers were accomplished artists. Although Charley, who died in 2007, gets more press than Edie, who passed away in 2010, make no mistake: she was an extraordinarily gifted woman whose mastery of multiple mediums was, and remains, nothing short of breathtaking.

As the 1970s approached, Edie turned her keen abilities to portraying scenes from the Bible. As delightfully whimsical as her other work, these Biblical illustrations are some of her best known and loved pieces. That she shared her husband’s gift for visual distillation is never more obvious than when looking at this series.

We are excited to announce that our Montgomery location is hosting a show of Edie Harper Biblical illustrations. If you are in the area, be sure to stop by to see them in person! For those of you who cannot make it in, we’ve assembled a gallery of some of the images that will be on view. Enjoy!









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Merry Christmas from Fabulous Frames & Art

The Disciples by Edie Harper

The Disciples by Edie Harper

Have a very merry Christmas from all of us at Fabulous Frames & Art! In honor of the day, we present The Disciples, one of the beloved devotional prints by Edie Harper, a wonderful artist whose limited-edition prints we carry in our five Cincinnati-area galleries. Let’s take a look at Edie’s other prints as well, shall we?

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Charley and Edie Harper Artwork in a Modern Cincinnati Home

the home of Susan and Arlen in Cincinnati

the home of Susan and Arlen in Cincinnati

Here at Fabulous Frames & Art, we love all things Modern! Today, we’re sharing with our readers some photos of the stunning Mid-Century home of Susan and Arlen, which is filled with the wonderful artwork of our beloved Charley Harper and his talented wife Edie Harper.

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Happy Birthday to Edie Harper

Samson and Delilah by Edie Harper

Samson and Delilah by Edie Harper

Today marks the anniversary of the birthday of beloved Cincinnati artist Edie Harper. Here at Fabulous Frames & Art, we are the world’s largest dealer in Edie’s work and, in her honor, here are some of her Modern, whimsical images of some of her favorite subjects, including children, cats, and Biblical stories.

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