The Artwork of Charley Harper at the 20th Century Cincinnati Show

The 19th annual 20th Century Cincinnati Show was held this past weekend, February 23rd and 24th, at the Sharonville Convention Center. As always, we were there to represent the work of local legend and world-renowned artist, the late Charley Harper. Check out the gallery to see some of the amazing Harper work we had on hand!


Britto for the Holidays

Black Friday is almost here! Romero Britto’s colorful, exuberant designs make wonderful gifts for almost everyone on your list. We have new items in stock, just in time for the annual Great American Shopping Frenzy that happens the day after Thanksgiving. Watch the slideshow for a sneak peek of some of the new pieces.

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Romero Britto items are available at our following Cincinnati-area locations:

Fabulous Frames & Art-Downtown

17 West Fourth Street

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


Fabulous Frames & Art-Montgomery

10817 Montgomery Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45242


Todd Oldham + Fishs Eddy=Another Charley Harper Dishware Line. This Time, it’s All About the Birds!

The newest collaboration between designer Todd Oldham and New York-based dishware company Fishs Eddy, featuring the work of our beloved Charley Harper, is finally available. We say finally only because we have been excitedly waiting for this day since first hearing about the second line over six months ago. The initial collection was inspired by Charley’s Ford Times fish prints; the follow-up line is based on his Ford Times birds. His clean, sharp style of minimal realism is the perfect adornment for, well, just about anything. Including home goods. We carry the complete line at all of our Cincinnati locations and on-line at Sounds intriguing, right? Be sure to check out the gallery for all of the new pieces. Enjoy!

Photo Source: Fishs Eddy.

All Children Are Artists*-Unconventional Framing Ideas for Your Little Picasso

When you think about framing kids’ art, what comes to mind? If you picture blinding primary colors, you are not alone! Children seem to come equipped with a love for bright things, which gives them a naturally vibrant and joyful aesthetic. It’s no wonder that the most popular approach to framing art for the pre-teen set is to use crazily colorful mats and frames. Although there is nothing wrong with that, there are as many ways to frame the art projects of little ones as there are, well, little ones who create art.

We’ve put together this little tutorial for you, featuring some out-of-the-box framing ideas for kids’ artwork. The inspiring pieces are the handiwork of three very talented young siblings, who are encouraged by their mom to create their own framing designs. What a fantastic idea-allowing your kids to participate in the process makes them more invested in art appreciation. Continue reading

It’s in the Details: Ursula J. Brenner #1

We love receiving shipments of new art; it’s like getting an embarrassment of gorgeous gifts on your birthday. After eagerly opening package after package, we now have a dozen Ursula J. Brenner originals hanging on our front wall. Whatever the medium employed-oils, pastels, acrylics-you’ll love the complex details found in all of her work. In an effort to translate the richness of that work through a computer screen, we’ll focus on one piece at a time; by allowing the intricacies to shine through, you’ll have a better understanding of the fullness of color and texture contained in all of her paintings.

Detail of Mixed Media Painting-Ursula J. Brenner

Detail of Mixed Media Painting-Ursula J. Brenner

Be sure to check back later in the week when we reveal the full painting!

The Charley Harper for Kids Collection

Although the eight prints (7 never previously released images plus the classic ‘Honey Bunny’) are aimed at young fans, you don’t have to be part of the under-10 set to enjoy the new Charley Harper for Kids Collection. Just ask the many adults sitting at home admiring their new purchases, including the phenomenally-popular-with-all-ages ‘Moon Jellies’ (which glows in the dark!). However, if you do have a budding Harper enthusiast in your midst, the kids collection is a wonderful way to help them start a treasury of their very own.

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