Charley Harper: Gone, But Never Forgotten

Cincinnati’s beloved Charley Harper, world-famous artist, died on this day in 2007. He will forever be missed.

Charley's Cardinal

Charley’s Cardinal

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”-Dr. Seuss

Counting Down to Valentine’s Day with Charley Harper, #4: Redbirds and Redbuds

Redbirds and Redbuds by Charley Harper

Redbirds and Redbuds by Charley Harper

“They see each other around the bird feeder all winter long, but one red-letter day in January they SEE each other. He offers her a sunflower seed (while she’s standing in them) and she accepts. As February Marches into April, the courtship quickens, and by the time the redbud’s in bloom, love is too. She weaves some leaves and twigs together, and just in time. As summer falls into winter, make sure you lay in enough sunflower seeds-an extra bag this year.”-Charley Harper

There’s a New (Charley Harper) Mural in Town

There’s a new Charley Harper mural going up in downtown Cincinnati. We are super excited to share a couple of images of this work-in-progress, as well as the artwork that inspired this amazing new piece of street art. We promise to keep you updated, and cannot wait to show you the final version as soon as it is finished.

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