Welcome Andrew Van Sickle

The opening night for any event or show is one filled with breathless anticipation, joyful moments, and finally a feeling of accomplishment after the guests have left and there is nothing but the remains of the excitement that once was.

Capturing the emotional charge of nights like those is a tough task for anyone, but Ohio artist Andrew Van Sickle has crafted a way to bring together the initial celebration of Cincinnati landmarks such as the Roebling bridge and Music hall with a unique pop art sensibility and color palette.

"Roebling Bride" By: Andrew Van Sickle

“Roebling Bridge 1866”
By: Andrew Van Sickle

Known for his eclectic sensibility his work not only hangs in Fabulous Frames & Art but is also featured in the private collections of Hollywood socialites such as Tara Reid and Paris Hilton. His print of Music Hall’s opening night includes over 300 individual colors.

"Music Hall Opening Night" By Andrew Van Sickle

“The Opening NIght of  Music Hall 1878”
By Andrew Van Sickle

His iconic-based work is heavily influenced by an early love of cartoons, Roy Lichtenstein, and a stint running an art studio alongside Andy Warhol’s older brother Paul Warhola.

"Fountain Square 1866" By Andrew Van Sickle

“Fountain Square 1866”
By Andrew Van Sickle

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The Same Charley Harper Print, Framed Three Ways

Cottontail in a Cotton Field by Charley Harper

Cottontail in a Cotton Field by Charley Harper

At Fabulous Frames & Art, custom framing is our business! We always have a lot of fun finding just the perfect solution for your piece of art or sentimental keepsake. Today, let’s take a look at the same Charley Harper serigraph framed in three different ways.

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Can I Frame a Skateboard Deck as Art?

skateboard deck, custom framed by Fabulous Frames & Art

Is it possible to frame a skateboard deck as art? At Fabulous Frames & Art, it is! We specialize in challenging custom-framing projects and, when a customer brought us a skateboard deck signed by the Cincinnati Reds, plus event tickets and photos, we relished the opportunity to create a custom shadowbox to display the memorabilia.

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Custom-Framing Vintage Posters

The Many Ways to Frame a Poster

Here at Fabulous Frames & Art, custom-framing is one of our specialties, and our Cincinnati-area customers trust us to beautifully frame valuable keepsakes and works of art. We use state-of-the-art archival methods and materials in our work, and our inventory includes thousands of frame and mat options. Let’s take a look at a couple vintage posters we’ve recently framed; we’re really pleased with the results!

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The Many Ways to Frame a Poster

The Many Ways to Frame a Poster

Here at Fabulous Frames & Art, we design many different custom framing solutions for our clients, ranging from family photographs to priceless works of art to three-dimensional keepsakes such as fishing lures and baby shoes. We recently had the pleasure of framing a 2010 Coachella poster using this ornate frame in a glossy red finish. The result is spectacular!
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The Nicest 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ever?

25th wedding anniversary shadowbox

Here at Fabulous Frames & Art, we are absolutely tickled at a recent project we designed for a customer of ours, which was a gift to his wife on their 25th wedding anniversary. As you’re planning your Valentine’s Day gifts, or perhaps a different gift-giving occasion, hopefully this sentiment-filled shadowbox will inspire you.

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