Harper Ever After

Some people look back fondly at old love letters, or in some cases emails, to reminisce about time gone by. Now just imagine that sketches, lithographs, oil paintings, charcoal drawings, and everything in between captured your romance. That is the reality for the dynamic duo of Charley and Edie Harper.

EM+CHThe relics of their partnerships are on display for the ‘Harper Ever After’ exhibit at The Cincinnati Art Academy.  These artifacts include humorous early drawings by both Edie and Charley from their days at the school.

The subject matter gets much darker with the sketches from the recently graduated Charley after he was sent off to the battlefields of WWII.  These rarely seen sketches and letters follow him through Europe and back home including his view of a bombed out church and valentines sent to Edie who was waiting stateside.

CharleyedieThe rest of the exhibition follows a much brighter trajectory as they traveled across America and explored the unique habitats and rituals of numerous animals and ecosystems. Even capturing their own growing family with a portrait of their son Brett.

Looking back on the expansive body of work the Harpers created over their lifetime is truly inspiring. The ‘Harper Forever’ exhibit will run until November 1st 2013 and The Art Academy of Cincinnati galleries are open M-F 9am-9pm.

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