All Children Are Artists*-Unconventional Framing Ideas for Your Little Picasso

When you think about framing kids’ art, what comes to mind? If you picture blinding primary colors, you are not alone! Children seem to come equipped with a love for bright things, which gives them a naturally vibrant and joyful aesthetic. It’s no wonder that the most popular approach to framing art for the pre-teen set is to use crazily colorful mats and frames. Although there is nothing wrong with that, there are as many ways to frame the art projects of little ones as there are, well, little ones who create art.

We’ve put together this little tutorial for you, featuring some out-of-the-box framing ideas for kids’ artwork. The inspiring pieces are the handiwork of three very talented young siblings, who are encouraged by their mom to create their own framing designs. What a fantastic idea-allowing your kids to participate in the process makes them more invested in art appreciation.

Soft Pastels

Soft Pastels

The soft pastels in this mat-and-wood-frame combination really make the little swimmer in this uncannily accurate self-portrait pop. Using a simple, delicately colored wood frame keeps the overall look elegant, while assuring that the lovely, youthful art remains center stage.

Mix and Match Metal

Mix and Match Metal

Do you know that you can mix-and-match metal framing colors within the same profile? This is a fun and modern twist on using traditional primary colors. By selecting 4 colors instead of 1, and with the addition of a neutralizing black mat, the eye focuses on the art. It also very much made the wee artist’s day. He was so excited about having his mini-masterpiece framed!

Sophisticated Textures on a Tiger

Sophisticated Textures on a Tiger

How awesome does this tiger look? The craggy, burled frame and spotted double-mats (which are not very visible in the photograph) in rich shades of brown lend extra sophistication to this already mature drawing. By selecting sumptuous “adult” materials, this artwork is transformed into something unexpected, yet perfectly fitted to the image.

*“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”-Pablo Picasso

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