Representing Cincinnati # 1: Marc Wavra

Spring is dawning on the shores of the Ohio River. Signs are everywhere: birds are back in the trees, green things are popping free of their wintry armor and a decided warmth is being carried on the breeze. We love Cincinnati! Is there a better time to talk her up than at the start of the season of promise and earthly renewal? Not to our knowledge! The Queen City has been widely represented in art and photography for 200 years, a beloved subject of many a master. We are starting a new series in her honor, where we will showcase the many sides of our fair city, as seen through the eyes of a variety of artists. First up? Local photographer Marc Wavra, whose work we are pleased to carry at our Downtown store. Specializing in what he terms “urban wilderness”, his images of Cincinnati are vivid and deep-rooted; they have a positive authenticity even to those who have never stepped foot on local soil. We think that you will find them instantly unforgettable.

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2 thoughts on “Representing Cincinnati # 1: Marc Wavra

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