20th Century Cincinnati Show

Cincinnati’s exhibition of mid-century modern art, furnishings, and fashion at it’s best. One of Harper Studio’s favorite shows of the season. If you haven’t been to the annual show then mark your calendar. It’s worth the trip!  The event is held at the newly remodeled Sharonville Convention Center, this weekend, Feb. 25 & 26.
We will be showcasing vintage silkscreens, the new Charley Harper For Kids line and all of the latest Harper products. Our adjacent booth will be dedicated to Harper Originals.
To all of the show’s loyal patrons and Harper enthusiasts, we’re looking forward to seeing you!Also on display (and for sale!) are some very unique Charley Harper original paintings and silkscreens. Stop by and see these gorgeous works in person!
20th Century Cincinnati Show logo
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Dean Russo: Animal Art That Pops

Humans love, revere and rely on animals to such an extent that an Earth bereft of their presence is unthinkable. Through the ages, we have eagerly shown our affection and awe for our four-legged friends via every available art form, from cave paintings to Egyptian tombs; the Medieval Bestiary to Art Noveau architecture. More recently, we have had the Minimal Realism of Charley Harper and the wildlife art of John Ruthven. If you love the idea but want something thoroughly contemporary and fun, that speaks to both your proclivity for color and dedication to your best feline or canine pal, then the work of Brooklyn-based artist Dean Russo is for you. His 8 x 10 portraits give a unique and bold pop art spin to a wide variety of dog (and cat) breeds. His animals, looking out from behind real eyes, are peculiarly soulful. Check out the gallery for just some of the Russo images that we carry.

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Gifts for Your Sweetheart #2: The Joy of Romero Britto

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to introduce you to the vivid, soulful vision of Brazilian-born, Miami-based icon Romero Britto. Once seen, his kaleidoscopic work is instantly recognizable: his subjects, whether cats, fish, hearts or loving couples, inhabit a colorful, upbeat world. Happiness and joy abound in everything he does. We carry a wide array of Britto giftware, including: tea pots, figurines, umbrellas, dog bowls, mugs and purses. Be sure to stop by our downtown Cincinnati location at 17 West Fourth Street to see the full line. We can help you select the perfect piece for your sweetheart. In the meantime, be sure to check out this gallery of Britto images. Your day will be that much brighter!

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Gifts for Your Sweetheart #1-Charley Harper’s Dynamic Duos

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The holiday that romantics around the world wait all year for is just around the corner. If you are searching for the perfect gift for your sweetheart, we can lend a hand. Last-minute gifts don’t have to be desperate grab-and-go purchases; they can be full of meaning, beauty and uniqueness (just like your special one). If you want to give something niftier and more nuanced than one of the billion-plus (!) cards purchased for Valentine’s Day, check out our slideshow series of romantic, sweet, and thoughtful art and gift-ware options. Up first is the work of the late Cincinnati artist, Charley Harper. We searched through his huge output and found these engaging twosomes. Most of these images are available in several forms, including: framed, unframed, and as note cards. Enjoy!

[Charley Harper News]-Modernism and A-Line Magazines

Charley Harper is definitely happening in 2012! The write-ups and accolades are spilling forth almost faster than we can document them for you! Here are the latest verbal and visual tributes to the timeless master. Enjoy!

  • A-Line Magazine: LOVE BUGS by Zachary Petit