A Look at the Charley Harper House

Charley Harper house in Cincinnati

The March 2011 issue of HouseTrends Magazine features the Modern Cincinnati home of Charley Harper, his wife Edie and their son Brett, which was designed by local architect Rudy Hermes and built in 1956. It’s a rare peek into the iconic live/work compound of a very creative family, which was designed in harmony with its natural surroundings.

Charley Harper house in Cincinnati

Here at Fabulous Frames & Art, we had the pleasure of meeting the architect Rudy Hermes a few years ago. According to him, in the 1950s, his architectural practice was struggling because his ideas were a bit ahead of their time. Meanwhile, Charley Harper was having trouble finding the right architect to design his family home, because his vision was a bit too avant garde for local architects. The two met and immediately hit it off.

Above are two current photos from HouseTrends Magazine. Below is a 1956 photo of the house taken by the architect, found via Cincinnati Modern.

Charley Harper house in Cincinnati

At the time of the home’s construction, Charley was an illustrator for Ford Times Magazine, and he and Rudy Hermes were getting along so well that they collaborated on a special project for the November 1959 issue, with a series of images showcasing the next year’s Ford models. Charley created the natural backdrops, while Rudy designed the futuristic houses.

Ford Times magazine, November 1959

For more information and current images of the Harper house, see HouseTrends Magazine. For more vintage house photos and images of the Harper/Hermes collaboration for Ford Times Magazine, check out Cincinnati Modern.

Cincinnati-based Fabulous Frames & Art is a family-owned business and the world’s largest dealer in the work of Charley Harper, including his books, serigraphs, lithographs, giclee prints, and posters. We are proud to also carry work by Charley’s wife Edie Harper and their son Brett Harper. Other artists whose work we carry include including John Ruthven, G. Harvey, John Stobart, Mort Kunstler, Michael Blaser, and Charles Frace, among many others.

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