Happy Presidents Day!

Change by Andy Thomas

Change by Andy Thomas

Happy Presidents Day to our U.S. customers! To mark this patriotic occasion, we at Fabulous Frames & Art would like to take this opportunity to show you some prints of U.S. Presidents by Andy Thomas, an artist whose work we carry.

Above, the limited-edition print commemorating Barack Obama’s inauguration is entitled Change, and is available through us by special order. Below, True Blues and Grand Ol’ Gang, also known as “presidents playing poker,” are two best-selling prints by Andy Thomas, available framed or unframed in our five Cincinnati-area galleries:

Grand Ol' Gang by Andy Thomas

Grand Ol' Gang by Andy Thomas

True Blues by Andy Thomas

True Blues by Andy Thomas

Andy Thomas lives in Carthage, Missouri. He has illustrated books, and his work has been published in numerous magazines. In addition to books Andy’s work can be found in videos produced by the NPS, US Federal Claims Court and National Geographic. His work has won numerous awards and he participates in many shows throughout the country. The Pearce Western Art Museum, and the Iowa State Historical Museum are a few of the museums that have his artwork displayed as part of their permanent collections.

Fabulous Frames & Art is a family-owned custom frame shop and print gallery with five locations in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. We are the world’s largest dealer in the work of Charley Harper, and also carry the work of his wife Edie Harper, their son Brett Harper, and other artists including John Ruthven, G. Harvey, John Stobart, Mort Kunstler, Michael Blaser, and Charles Frace, among many others.


2 thoughts on “Happy Presidents Day!

  1. Thanks so much for your interest in these prints! They are available for sale through our framing shop and print gallery in Cincinnati. I’m contacting you via email with more information.

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