Music Hall Print by Joanne Honschopp

Joanne Honschopp on the cover of Music Hall Marks magazine

At Fabulous Frames & Art, we are always so happy to have a chance to brag about the many talented artists we represent. This morning, we are pleased as punch to announce that well-known Cincinnati painter Joanne Honschopp contributed the cover artwork for MUSIC HALL Marks, the annual publication of the Society for the Preservation of Music Hall.

Built in 1878 and overlooking Washington Park in Over-the-Rhine, a historic neighborhood just north of downtown Cincinnati, Music Hall is one of this city’s architectural gems, and is considered to be among the best and most beautiful concert theaters in the world. Joanne’s colorful depiction of the building features her famously bold color palette and confident, loose brushstrokes to depict the drama of this iconic structure.

Fabulous Frames & Art carries framed reproductions of this and other Honschopp paintings depicting Music Hall and many other beloved Cincinnati landmarks.

Music Hall by Joanne Honschopp

Music Hall by Joanne Honschopp

The Society for the Preservation of Music Hall is a non-profit organization that provides ongoing financial and volunteer support toward maintaining and improving Cincinnati’s historic Music Hall. This year’s issue of MUSIC HALL Marks includes an informative and inspiring article about their cover artist.

Joanne Honschopp article in Music Hall Marks magazine

Cincinnati-based Fabulous Frames & Art is a family-owned custom frame shop and print gallery, which offers a varied selection of Cincinnati artwork. We are the world’s largest dealer in the work of Charley Harper, and also carry the work of his wife Edie Harper, their son Brett Harper, and other artists including John Ruthven, G. Harvey, John Stobart, Mort Kunstler, Michael Blaser, and Charles Frace, among many others.

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