Charley Harper at the Buck House

original illustration by Charley Harper

Los Angeles-area fans of Charley Harper will get a unique opportunity to see Harper’s original illustrations in person courtesy of Country Club Gallery, which is mounting an exhibit of originals at Rudolf Schindler’s Buck House, a landmark modernist residence built in 1934. The Buck House is one of the most important examples of Schindler’s application of his theories of Space Architecture to create expansive spaces within a modest footprint. The exhibit will run September 17-October 31.

Charley Harper (1922-2007) was known throughout his 60-year career as a prolific graphic artist, painter and illustrator contributing his unique, modernist style to a wide range of publications. This exhibition features major works on canvas from throughout Harper’s career and original illustrations and paintings from classic publications such as The Giant Golden Book of Biology (1961, Golden Press) and The Animal Kingdom (1968, Golden Press). These original works have rarely been seen outside of Harper’s studio.

Harper brought an entirely new perspective to his chosen subject matter, especially that of birds and wildlife, a genre dominated by naturalism and realism. Harper referred to his approach as “minimal realism.” Recent publications and exhibitions have introduced Harper’s modernist vision of nature to an entirely new generation of artists and critics.

The paintings and illustrations Harper completed in the years surrounding his work for Golden Press demonstrate a confident and entirely matured style highlighted by unusual, dynamic perspectives and lines that are simultaneously precise, lyrical and expressive.

Cincinnati-based Fabulous Frames & Art is the world’s largest dealer in the work of Charley Harper.


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