Cincinnati Scenes by S. E. Miller

limited-edition print of Cincinnati by S.E. Miller

Fabulous Frames & Art‘s downtown gallery features a selection of signed prints by S.E. Miller, which depict iconic Cincinnati scenes, including Music Hall, Crosley Field, Redland Field (the Cincinnati Reds’ first home], and various scenes of the streetcars and inclines that were once found in Cincinnati.

limited-edition print of Cincinnati by S.E. Miller

limited-edition print of Cincinnati by S.E. Miller

limited-edition print of Cincinnati by S.E. Miller

S.E. Miller had a studio in Finneytown for a long time, where he creates many works of art celebrating Cincinnati’s present and its proud history. Fabulous Frames & Art carries a wide selection of framed and unframed work by Miller and by other notable Cincinnati artists, including Beverly Erschell, John Stobart, JoAnne Honschopp, Michael Blaser, and many others.

23 thoughts on “Cincinnati Scenes by S. E. Miller

  1. I have a framed, matted, watercolor original by S.E. Miller purchased at $95.00 several years ago depicting a southern Belle in a scene of her walking across a bridge towards a “Tara” like plantation. What would the value be today?

  2. Hi there. It sounds like you’ve got a great watercolor in your collection! We really don’t know the value of something like that, since we’ve only dealt with Stan Miller’s Cincinnati prints, not his originals or non-Cincinnati subjects.

  3. I have two prints matted and framed from 1975. Do they have any value. One is a steam boat on the Ohio and the other is a bridge showing Cincinnati in the background.

  4. I live in Virginia and would love to buy some of S.E. Miller’s work. Do you have a website where I can look at it and order it?

  5. Kirby, the above images are the only ones that we currently have online. If you can let us know specifically what you’re interested in, we can find out about current availability.

  6. Hi, i have a S E Miller print # 471/540, City of Cincinnati, Tall Stacks. is there anything you can tell me about this print

  7. Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, yours is not one of the prints that we have had in our inventory, so we do not know anything about its history or current value.

  8. I have a S.E. Miller print of the street car going up a hill with Cincinnati in the background. There is a S.E. Miller signature on the print and then a signature that is pen. I can’t find anything on the internet regarding value. Any suggestions? Julie

    • Julie,
      Unfortunately we are having a hard time finding Stan Miller…we love his work and would love to carry more pieces, but we aren’t having any luck getting in touch with him. I don’ t know what size piece you have, but even the large ones (16×20?) would probably retail for not more than $50.

      • Hi Julie,

        I am Stan Millers oldest daughter. Unfortunately we lost him almost 2 years ago. My sister has all of artwork. Please contact me if you are interested.

    • Maria,
      Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, we no longer carry any works by S.E. Miller. If you want to know the value of a piece, I’m afraid that we do not have any idea at this time. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to be of assistance. Thanks again!

  9. I have a signed 5X7 of Findlay Market-1978 I would like to sell it Where and how can I do this Also what would the market value be on this art?
    Chris K

    • Thanks for the inquiry, Chris. I’m sorry that I can’t give you the market value of this print, unfortunately we don’t see too much of Stan’s work anymore. Good luck!

    • Sorry to say that we don’t have any current values for Stan Miller’s pieces…thanks for checking, and best of luck.

  10. Stan Miller was a “FANTASTIC ARTIST”.He attended my wife’s church,Faith Lutheran and every year he would participate in fund raising for the Church.I purchased a total of nine (9) differnt works of his depicting Scenes of Cincinnati,Ohio.Sadly Stan passed away,but his art work adorns the wall’s of our home.Rest in peace my friend.

  11. Followup—–All my pieces of Stan’s Art Work are signed & dated.He was truly one of the great artist of Cincinnati,Ohio,and is greatly missed by all who knew him.

  12. To anyone out there who is fortunate enough to own any of Stan Miller’s Pen & Ink sketching’s of Cincinnati scenes,I strongly suggest that you hold on to them.Since Stan has passed away,they will continue to appreciate in value.I owm 10 individual pieces of his work,and never intend to sell them.They will be passed down to my children upon my death.PS:There was one of Tall Stack’s on E-bay last week by a fellow down in Florida.He was asking $!00.00.As far as I’m concerned,his art work is PRICELESS.

    • Hi Paul, This is Ed Miller, Stan Miller’s son. Thank you for you kind words. It is comforting to know my dad’s work is still appreciated even after his passing. If anyone would want any of his signed prints, they are still available through my sister Toni. or you can email me at:
      I hope his prints continue to grace the walls of his admirers for decades to come. He made me very proud to be a Cincinnatian and his son.

  13. I am Stan Miller’s granddaughter Rikki, and it is so wonderful to see the appreciation for his amazing art. It really warms my heart. He was an absolutely talented artist. He passed down his love of art, as well as his talents to many of us. It was wonderful to have him as a coach. Miss you Grandpa!

  14. I have three pieces of Mr Miller’s work we are interested in selling. They are 1) Union Terminal 2) Fountain Square statue 3) Cinti skyline view from KY. Each are 5×7. All are framed in wood with slate blue mat. Please email if you are interested. They are beautiful.

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