Fabulous Frames & Art Acquires 3 New Locations

Cincinnati by Miles Wolf

Cincinnati by Miles Wolf

Local custom framing and art company Fabulous Frames & Art has purchased the assets and ongoing business of three area Fast Frames stores. The locations of these three stores are in Mason (White Blossom Center, 7940 Mason Montgomery Rd.), Kenwood (8002 Hosbrook Rd.), and Tri-County (1741 East Kemper Rd.).

The existing Fabulous Frames & Art locations are downtown (17 West 4th St.), Northgate (9632 Colerain Ave.) and Montgomery (10817 Montgomery Rd.).

The three Fast Frames stores will assume the Fabulous Frames & Art name and branding and will no longer be part of the Fast Frames franchise, but will continue to offer the same high-quality and quick turnaround on which Fast Frames has built its reputation. The employees at these three stores will be retained to facilitate the aforementioned high level of service.

Fabulous Frames & Art is a family-owned business that has been in operation for 34 years. We are the world’s leading provider of Charley Harper artwork, books, and other merchandise, in addition to carrying many other artists of local and national interest, including John A. Ruthven, Charles Frace, G. Harvey, Mort Kunstler, John Stobart, Michael Blaser, Bev Erschell, Miles Wolf, and JoAnne Honschopp. We also carry work and merchandise by Charley’s wife Edie Harper and by their son Brett Harper.

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