Charley Harper Mosaic Mural

Did you know that Charley Harper was commissioned to design a mosaic mural for the Federal Building in downtown Cincinnati? It’s a large-scale mosaic of animals that viewable by anyone who goes through the security checkpoint. It’s quite a local treasure, and not very well known!

This mural is not available as a print, but another, similar mosaic mural is — the Web of Life mural at Miami University. It is a lithograph, available framed or unframed through Fabulous Frames & Art.

Web of Life by Charley Harper

Web of Life by Charley Harper


3 thoughts on “Charley Harper Mosaic Mural

  1. I don’t mean to sound stupid – but what is a lithograph? a poster? I LOVE the unframed Web of Life lithograph for $100. What are the dimensions? the photograph makes it a little hard to see.
    Thanks you!

  2. To answer your question about printing, yes, a lithograph is printed using the same basic technology as printing a poster, but much higher quality paper and inks. “Web of Life” is a signed and numbered, limited-edition lithograph that’s printed on really heavy, glossy paper, so the colors are much richer and more vivid than you’d see on a poster.

    The image is 18 x 10 inches, and the paper size is 26 x 18 inches. The number and signature are both right below the image. It was printed in an edition of 1000 — typically, posters are printed at least in the tens of thousands.

    Christy, I emailed you privately about purchasing this print. Thanks so much for your comment!

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