Charley Harper 2009 Calendar

It’s only August, but the Charley Harper 2009 calendar is flying off the shelves! This calendar makes a great gift and is a wonderful and affordable way to bring Charley’s work into your home. Purchase yours online, or stop by one of our three Cincinnati stores and pick yours up today!


3 thoughts on “Charley Harper 2009 Calendar

  1. Good Morning!
    Just wondering if you are selling more of the Charley Harper 2009 Calendars at this time? If so, what is the cost and can they be bought online through your website?
    Please reply as soon as possible as I would like to give this as a Christmas gift.
    Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    Vanessa Tope
    Millersburg, OH

  2. Vanessa, we do have a limited quantity of these calendars still available, and they’ll be for sale at our annual Harper show at our Montgomery location, next Saturday [6 Dec]. We’re not currently selling them online.

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